@grandmama/library-builder v0.1.2

The Library Builder is a module that translates modern JavaScript code to VanillaJS and CSS, creating a /dist directory for the modules.

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@babel/code-frame • 7.24.7Generate errors that contain a code frame that point to source locations.INDIRECT11
@babel/compat-data • 7.24.9INDIRECT0
@babel/core • 7.24.9Babel compiler core.DIRECT52
@babel/generator • 7.24.10Turns an AST into code.INDIRECT10
@babel/helper-annotate-as-pure • 7.24.7Helper function to annotate paths and nodes with #__PURE__ commentINDIRECT4
@babel/helper-builder-binary-assignment-operator-visitor • 7.24.7Helper function to build binary assignment operator visitorsINDIRECT32
@babel/helper-compilation-targets • 7.24.8Helper functions on Babel compilation targetsINDIRECT12
@babel/helper-create-class-features-plugin • 7.24.8Compile class public and private fields, private methods and decorators to ES6INDIRECT38
@babel/helper-create-regexp-features-plugin • 7.24.7Compile ESNext Regular Expressions to ES5INDIRECT16
@babel/helper-define-polyfill-provider • 0.6.2Babel helper to create your own polyfill providerINDIRECT23
@babel/helper-environment-visitor • 7.24.7Helper visitor to only visit nodes in the current 'this' contextINDIRECT4
@babel/helper-function-name • 7.24.7Helper function to change the property 'name' of every functionINDIRECT17
@babel/helper-hoist-variables • 7.24.7Helper function to hoist variablesINDIRECT4
@babel/helper-member-expression-to-functions • 7.24.8Helper function to replace certain member expressions with function callsINDIRECT32
@babel/helper-module-imports • 7.24.7Babel helper functions for inserting module loadsINDIRECT32
@babel/helper-module-transforms • 7.24.9Babel helper functions for implementing ES6 module transformationsINDIRECT34
@babel/helper-optimise-call-expression • 7.24.7Helper function to optimise call expressionINDIRECT4
@babel/helper-plugin-utils • 7.24.8General utilities for plugins to useINDIRECT0
@babel/helper-remap-async-to-generator • 7.24.7Helper function to remap async functions to generatorsINDIRECT34
@babel/helper-replace-supers • 7.24.7Helper function to replace supersINDIRECT34
@babel/helper-simple-access • 7.24.7Babel helper for ensuring that access to a given value is performed through simple accessesINDIRECT32
@babel/helper-skip-transparent-expression-wrappers • 7.24.7Helper which skips types and parenthesesINDIRECT32
@babel/helper-split-export-declaration • 7.24.7INDIRECT4
@babel/helper-string-parser • 7.24.8A utility package to parse stringsINDIRECT0
@babel/helper-validator-identifier • 7.24.7Validate identifier/keywords nameINDIRECT0
@babel/helper-validator-option • 7.24.8Validate plugin/preset optionsINDIRECT0
@babel/helper-wrap-function • 7.24.7Helper to wrap functions inside a function call.INDIRECT32
@babel/helpers • 7.24.8Collection of helper functions used by Babel transforms.INDIRECT17
@babel/highlight • 7.24.7Syntax highlight JavaScript strings for output in terminals.INDIRECT10
@babel/parser • 7.24.8A JavaScript parserINDIRECT0
@babel/plugin-bugfix-firefox-class-in-computed-class-key • 7.24.7Wraps classes defined in computed keys of other classes affected by
@babel/plugin-bugfix-safari-id-destructuring-collision-in-function-expression • 7.24.7Rename destructuring parameter to workaround
@babel/plugin-bugfix-v8-spread-parameters-in-optional-chaining • 7.24.7Transform optional chaining operators to workaround
@babel/plugin-bugfix-v8-static-class-fields-redefine-readonly • 7.24.7Transform static class fields assignments that are affected by
@babel/plugin-proposal-private-property-in-object • 7.21.0-placeholder-for-preset-env.2This plugin transforms checks for a private property in an objectINDIRECT0
@babel/plugin-syntax-async-generators • 7.8.4Allow parsing of async generator functionsINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-class-properties • 7.12.13Allow parsing of class propertiesINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-class-static-block • 7.14.5Allow parsing of class static blocksINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-dynamic-import • 7.8.3Allow parsing of import()INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-export-namespace-from • 7.8.3Allow parsing of export namespace fromINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-import-assertions • 7.24.7Allow parsing of the module assertion attributes in the import statementINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-import-attributes • 7.24.7Allow parsing of the module attributes in the import statementINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-import-meta • 7.10.4Allow parsing of import.metaINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-json-strings • 7.8.3Allow parsing of the U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR and U+2029 PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR in JS stringsINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-jsx • 7.24.7Allow parsing of jsxINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-logical-assignment-operators • 7.10.4Allow parsing of the logical assignment operatorsINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-nullish-coalescing-operator • 7.8.3Allow parsing of the nullish-coalescing operatorINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-numeric-separator • 7.10.4Allow parsing of Decimal, Binary, Hex and Octal literals that contain a Numeric Literal SeparatorINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-object-rest-spread • 7.8.3Allow parsing of object rest/spreadINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-optional-catch-binding • 7.8.3Allow parsing of optional catch bindingsINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-optional-chaining • 7.8.3Allow parsing of optional propertiesINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-private-property-in-object • 7.14.5Allow parsing of '#foo in obj' brand checksINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-top-level-await • 7.14.5Allow parsing of top-level await in modulesINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-syntax-unicode-sets-regex • 7.18.6Parse regular expressions' unicodeSets (v) flag.INDIRECT18
@babel/plugin-transform-arrow-functions • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 arrow functions to ES5INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-async-generator-functions • 7.24.7Turn async generator functions into ES2015 generatorsINDIRECT37
@babel/plugin-transform-async-to-generator • 7.24.7Turn async functions into ES2015 generatorsINDIRECT37
@babel/plugin-transform-block-scoped-functions • 7.24.7Babel plugin to ensure function declarations at the block level are block scopedINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-block-scoping • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 block scoping (const and let) to ES5INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-class-properties • 7.24.7This plugin transforms static class properties as well as properties declared with the property initializer syntaxINDIRECT40
@babel/plugin-transform-class-static-block • 7.24.7Transform class static blocksINDIRECT41
@babel/plugin-transform-classes • 7.24.8Compile ES2015 classes to ES5INDIRECT49
@babel/plugin-transform-computed-properties • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 computed properties to ES5INDIRECT18
@babel/plugin-transform-destructuring • 7.24.8Compile ES2015 destructuring to ES5INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-dotall-regex • 7.24.7Compile regular expressions using the `s` (`dotAll`) flag to ES5.INDIRECT18
@babel/plugin-transform-duplicate-keys • 7.24.7Compile objects with duplicate keys to valid strict ES5INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-dynamic-import • 7.24.7Transform import() expressionsINDIRECT2
@babel/plugin-transform-exponentiation-operator • 7.24.7Compile exponentiation operator to ES5INDIRECT34
@babel/plugin-transform-export-namespace-from • 7.24.7Compile export namespace to ES2015INDIRECT2
@babel/plugin-transform-for-of • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 for...of to ES5INDIRECT34
@babel/plugin-transform-function-name • 7.24.7Apply ES2015 semantics to all functionsINDIRECT31
@babel/plugin-transform-json-strings • 7.24.7Escape U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR and U+2029 PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR in JS stringsINDIRECT2
@babel/plugin-transform-literals • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 unicode string and number literals to ES5INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-logical-assignment-operators • 7.24.7Transforms logical assignment operators into short-circuited assignmentsINDIRECT2
@babel/plugin-transform-member-expression-literals • 7.24.7Ensure that reserved words are quoted in property accessesINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-modules-amd • 7.24.7This plugin transforms ES2015 modules to AMDINDIRECT36
@babel/plugin-transform-modules-commonjs • 7.24.8This plugin transforms ES2015 modules to CommonJSINDIRECT36
@babel/plugin-transform-modules-systemjs • 7.24.7This plugin transforms ES2015 modules to SystemJSINDIRECT36
@babel/plugin-transform-modules-umd • 7.24.7This plugin transforms ES2015 modules to UMDINDIRECT36
@babel/plugin-transform-named-capturing-groups-regex • 7.24.7Compile regular expressions using named groups to ES5.INDIRECT18
@babel/plugin-transform-new-target • 7.24.7Transforms meta propertyINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-nullish-coalescing-operator • 7.24.7Remove nullish coalescing operatorINDIRECT2
@babel/plugin-transform-numeric-separator • 7.24.7Remove numeric separators from Decimal, Binary, Hex and Octal literalsINDIRECT2
@babel/plugin-transform-object-rest-spread • 7.24.7Compile object rest and spread to ES5INDIRECT16
@babel/plugin-transform-object-super • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 object super to ES5INDIRECT36
@babel/plugin-transform-optional-catch-binding • 7.24.7Compile optional catch bindingsINDIRECT2
@babel/plugin-transform-optional-chaining • 7.24.8Transform optional chaining operators into a series of nil checksINDIRECT35
@babel/plugin-transform-parameters • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 default and rest parameters to ES5INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-private-methods • 7.24.7This plugin transforms private class methodsINDIRECT40
@babel/plugin-transform-private-property-in-object • 7.24.7This plugin transforms checks for a private property in an objectINDIRECT41
@babel/plugin-transform-property-literals • 7.24.7Ensure that reserved words are quoted in object property keysINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-react-display-name • 7.24.7Add displayName to React.createClass callsINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-react-jsx-development • 7.24.7Turn JSX into React function calls in developmentINDIRECT37
@babel/plugin-transform-react-jsx • 7.24.7Turn JSX into React function callsINDIRECT36
@babel/plugin-transform-react-pure-annotations • 7.24.7Mark top-level React method calls as pure for tree shakingINDIRECT6
@babel/plugin-transform-regenerator • 7.24.7Explode async and generator functions into a state machine.INDIRECT4
@babel/plugin-transform-reserved-words • 7.24.7Ensure that no reserved words are used.INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-shorthand-properties • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 shorthand properties to ES5INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-spread • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 spread to ES5INDIRECT34
@babel/plugin-transform-sticky-regex • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 sticky regex to an ES5 RegExp constructorINDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-template-literals • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 template literals to ES5INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-typeof-symbol • 7.24.8This transformer wraps all typeof expressions with a method that replicates native behaviour. (ie. returning “symbol” for symbols)INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-unicode-escapes • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 Unicode escapes to ES5INDIRECT1
@babel/plugin-transform-unicode-property-regex • 7.24.7Compile Unicode property escapes in Unicode regular expressions to ES5.INDIRECT18
@babel/plugin-transform-unicode-regex • 7.24.7Compile ES2015 Unicode regex to ES5INDIRECT18
@babel/plugin-transform-unicode-sets-regex • 7.24.7Compile regular expressions' unicodeSets (v) flag.INDIRECT18
@babel/preset-env • 7.24.8A Babel preset for each environment.DIRECT156
@babel/preset-modules • 0.1.6-no-external-pluginsA Babel preset that targets modern browsers by fixing engine bugs.INDIRECT6
@babel/preset-react • 7.24.7Babel preset for all React plugins.DIRECT41
@babel/regjsgen • 0.8.0Generate regular expressions from regjsparser’s AST.INDIRECT0
@babel/runtime • 7.24.8babel's modular runtime helpersINDIRECT1
@babel/template • 7.24.7Generate an AST from a string template.INDIRECT16
@babel/traverse • 7.24.8The Babel Traverse module maintains the overall tree state, and is responsible for replacing, removing, and adding nodesINDIRECT31
@babel/types • 7.24.9Babel Types is a Lodash-esque utility library for AST nodesINDIRECT3
@jridgewell/gen-mapping • 0.3.5Generate source mapsINDIRECT4
@jridgewell/resolve-uri • 3.1.2Resolve a URI relative to an optional base URIINDIRECT0
@jridgewell/set-array • 1.2.1Like a Set, but provides the index of the `key` in the backing arrayINDIRECT0
@jridgewell/sourcemap-codec • 1.5.0Encode/decode sourcemap mappingsINDIRECT0
@jridgewell/trace-mapping • 0.3.25Trace the original position through a source mapINDIRECT2
@rollup/plugin-babel • 5.3.1Seamless integration between Rollup and Babel.DIRECT37
@rollup/plugin-node-resolve • 11.2.1Locate and bundle third-party dependencies in node_modulesDIRECT16
@rollup/pluginutils • 3.1.0A set of utility functions commonly used by Rollup pluginsINDIRECT3
@types/estree • 0.0.39TypeScript definitions for ESTree AST specificationINDIRECT0
@types/node • 20.14.11TypeScript definitions for nodeINDIRECT1
@types/resolve • 1.17.1TypeScript definitions for resolveINDIRECT2
ansi-styles • 3.2.1ANSI escape codes for styling strings in the terminalINDIRECT2
ansi-styles • 4.3.0ANSI escape codes for styling strings in the terminalINDIRECT2
babel-plugin-polyfill-corejs2 • 0.4.11A Babel plugin to inject imports to core-js@2 polyfillsINDIRECT24
babel-plugin-polyfill-corejs3 • 0.10.4A Babel plugin to inject imports to core-js@3 polyfillsINDIRECT25
babel-plugin-polyfill-regenerator • 0.6.2A Babel plugin to inject imports to regenerator-runtimeINDIRECT24
browserslist • 4.23.2Share target browsers between different front-end tools, like Autoprefixer, Stylelint and babel-env-presetINDIRECT6
builtin-modules • 3.3.0List of the Node.js builtin modulesINDIRECT0
caniuse-api • 3.0.0request the caniuse data to check browsers compatibilitiesINDIRECT9
chalk • 2.4.2Terminal string styling done rightINDIRECT6
chalk • 4.1.2Terminal string styling done rightINDIRECT5
color-convert • 1.9.3Plain color conversion functionsINDIRECT1
color-convert • 2.0.1Plain color conversion functionsINDIRECT1
color-name • 1.1.3A list of color names and its valuesINDIRECT0
color-name • 1.1.4A list of color names and its valuesINDIRECT0
colord • 2.9.3👑 A tiny yet powerful tool for high-performance color manipulations and conversionsINDIRECT0
commander • 7.2.0the complete solution for node.js command-line programsINDIRECT0
convert-source-map • 2.0.0Converts a source-map from/to different formats and allows adding/changing properties.INDIRECT0
core-js-compat • 3.37.1core-js compatINDIRECT7
css-tree • 1.1.3A tool set for CSS: fast detailed parser (CSS → AST), walker (AST traversal), generator (AST → CSS) and lexer (validation and matching) based on specs and browser implementationsINDIRECT2
cssesc • 3.0.0A JavaScript library for escaping CSS strings and identifiers while generating the shortest possible ASCII-only output.INDIRECT0
cssnano-preset-default • 5.2.14Safe defaults for cssnano which require minimal configuration.INDIRECT63
cssnano-utils • 3.1.0Utility methods and plugin for cssnano projectsINDIRECT0
cssnano • 5.1.15A modular minifier, built on top of the PostCSS ecosystem.INDIRECT66
csso • 4.2.0CSS minifier with structural optimisationsINDIRECT3
debug • 4.3.5Lightweight debugging utility for Node.js and the browserINDIRECT1
deepmerge • 4.3.1A library for deep (recursive) merging of Javascript objectsINDIRECT0
dom-serializer • 1.4.1render domhandler DOM nodes to a stringINDIRECT3
escalade • 3.1.2A tiny (183B to 210B) and fast utility to ascend parent directoriesINDIRECT0
escape-string-regexp • 1.0.5Escape RegExp special charactersINDIRECT0
estree-walker • 0.6.1Traverse an ESTree-compliant ASTINDIRECT0
estree-walker • 1.0.1Traverse an ESTree-compliant ASTINDIRECT0
eventemitter3 • 4.0.7EventEmitter3 focuses on performance while maintaining a Node.js AND browser compatible interface.INDIRECT0
fsevents • 2.3.3Native Access to MacOS FSEventsINDIRECT0
function-bind • 1.1.2Implementation of Function.prototype.bindINDIRECT0
generic-names • 4.0.0Helper for building generic names, similar to webpackINDIRECT1
gensync • 1.0.0-beta.2Allows users to use generators in order to write common functions that can be both sync or async.INDIRECT0
globals • 11.12.0Global identifiers from different JavaScript environmentsINDIRECT0
has-flag • 3.0.0Check if argv has a specific flagINDIRECT0
has-flag • 4.0.0Check if argv has a specific flagINDIRECT0
hasown • 2.0.2A robust, ES3 compatible, "has own property" predicate.INDIRECT1
import-cwd • 3.0.0Import a module like with `require()` but from the current working directoryINDIRECT2
import-from • 3.0.0Import a module like with `require()` but from a given pathINDIRECT1
is-core-module • 2.15.0Is this specifier a node.js core module?INDIRECT2
is-module • 1.0.0check if a source string is an es6 moduleINDIRECT0
js-tokens • 4.0.0A regex that tokenizes JavaScript.INDIRECT0
jsesc • 0.5.0A JavaScript library for escaping JavaScript strings while generating the shortest possible valid output.INDIRECT0
jsesc • 2.5.2Given some data, jsesc returns the shortest possible stringified & ASCII-safe representation of that data.INDIRECT0
json5 • 2.2.3JSON for HumansINDIRECT0
lilconfig • 2.1.0A zero-dependency alternative to cosmiconfigINDIRECT0
loader-utils • 3.3.1utils for webpack loadersINDIRECT0
lodash.camelcase • 4.3.0The lodash method `_.camelCase` exported as a module.INDIRECT0
lodash.debounce • 4.0.8The lodash method `_.debounce` exported as a module.INDIRECT0
lodash.memoize • 4.1.2The lodash method `_.memoize` exported as a module.INDIRECT0
lodash.uniq • 4.5.0The lodash method `_.uniq` exported as a module.INDIRECT0
ms • 2.1.2Tiny millisecond conversion utilityINDIRECT0
nanoid • 3.3.7A tiny (116 bytes), secure URL-friendly unique string ID generatorINDIRECT0
node-releases • 2.0.17Node.js releases dataINDIRECT0
normalize-url • 6.1.0Normalize a URLINDIRECT0
p-finally • 1.0.0`Promise#finally()` ponyfill - Invoked when the promise is settled regardless of outcomeINDIRECT0
p-queue • 6.6.2Promise queue with concurrency controlINDIRECT3
p-timeout • 3.2.0Timeout a promise after a specified amount of timeINDIRECT1
path-parse • 1.0.7Node.js path.parse() ponyfillINDIRECT0
picomatch • 2.3.1Blazing fast and accurate glob matcher written in JavaScript, with no dependencies and full support for standard and extended Bash glob features, including braces, extglobs, POSIX brackets, and regular expressions.INDIRECT0
pify • 5.0.0Promisify a callback-style functionINDIRECT0
postcss-calc • 8.2.4PostCSS plugin to reduce calc()INDIRECT4
postcss-colormin • 5.3.1Minify colors in your CSS files with PostCSS.INDIRECT12
postcss-convert-values • 5.1.3Convert values with PostCSS (e.g. ms -> s)INDIRECT8
postcss-discard-comments • 5.1.2Discard comments in your CSS files with PostCSS.INDIRECT0
postcss-discard-duplicates • 5.1.0Discard duplicate rules in your CSS files with PostCSS.INDIRECT0
postcss-discard-empty • 5.1.1Discard empty rules and values with PostCSS.INDIRECT0
postcss-discard-overridden • 5.1.0PostCSS plugin to discard overridden @keyframes or @counter-style.INDIRECT0
postcss-load-config • 3.1.4Autoload Config for PostCSSINDIRECT2
postcss-merge-longhand • 5.1.7Merge longhand properties into shorthand with PostCSS.INDIRECT12
postcss-merge-rules • 5.1.4Merge CSS rules with PostCSS.INDIRECT14
postcss-minify-font-values • 5.1.0Minify font declarations with PostCSSINDIRECT1
postcss-minify-gradients • 5.1.1Minify gradient parameters with PostCSS.INDIRECT3
postcss-minify-params • 5.1.4Minify at-rule params with PostCSSINDIRECT9
postcss-minify-selectors • 5.2.1Minify selectors with PostCSS.INDIRECT3
postcss-modules-local-by-default • 4.0.5A CSS Modules transform to make local scope the defaultINDIRECT5
postcss-modules • 4.3.1PostCSS plugin to use CSS Modules everywhereINDIRECT14
postcss-normalize-charset • 5.1.0Add necessary or remove extra charset with PostCSSINDIRECT0
postcss-normalize-display-values • 5.1.0Normalize multiple value display syntaxes into single values.INDIRECT1
postcss-normalize-positions • 5.1.1Normalize keyword values for position into length values.INDIRECT1
postcss-normalize-repeat-style • 5.1.1Convert two value syntax for repeat-style into one value.INDIRECT1
postcss-normalize-string • 5.1.0Normalize wrapping quotes for CSS string literals.INDIRECT1
postcss-normalize-timing-functions • 5.1.0Normalize CSS animation/transition timing functions.INDIRECT1
postcss-normalize-unicode • 5.1.1Normalize unicode-range descriptors, and can convert to wildcard ranges.INDIRECT8
postcss-normalize-url • 5.1.0Normalize URLs with PostCSSINDIRECT2
postcss-normalize-whitespace • 5.1.1Trim whitespace inside and around CSS rules & declarations.INDIRECT1
postcss-ordered-values • 5.1.3Ensure values are ordered consistently in your CSS.INDIRECT2
postcss-reduce-initial • 5.1.2Reduce initial definitions to the actual initial value, where possible.INDIRECT10
postcss-reduce-transforms • 5.1.0Reduce transform functions with PostCSS.INDIRECT1
postcss-selector-parser • 6.1.1> Selector parser with built in methods for working with selector strings.INDIRECT2
postcss-svgo • 5.1.0Optimise inline SVG with PostCSS.INDIRECT19
postcss-unique-selectors • 5.1.1Ensure CSS selectors are unique.INDIRECT3
postcss-value-parser • 4.2.0Transforms css values and at-rule params into the treeINDIRECT0
postcss • 8.4.39Tool for transforming styles with JS pluginsDIRECT3
promise.series • 0.2.0Run Promise in series.INDIRECT0
regenerate-unicode-properties • 10.1.1Regenerate sets for Unicode properties and values.INDIRECT1
regenerate • 1.4.2Generate JavaScript-compatible regular expressions based on a given set of Unicode symbols or code points.INDIRECT0
regenerator-runtime • 0.14.1Runtime for Regenerator-compiled generator and async functions.INDIRECT0
regenerator-transform • 0.15.2Explode async and generator functions into a state machine.INDIRECT2
regexpu-core • 5.3.2regexpu’s core functionality (i.e. `rewritePattern(pattern, flag)`), capable of translating ES6 Unicode regular expressions to ES5.INDIRECT9
resolve-from • 5.0.0Resolve the path of a module like `require.resolve()` but from a given pathINDIRECT0
resolve • 1.22.8resolve like require.resolve() on behalf of files asynchronously and synchronouslyINDIRECT5
rollup-plugin-postcss • 4.0.2Seamless integration between Rollup and PostCSSDIRECT105
rollup-pluginutils • 2.8.2Functionality commonly needed by Rollup pluginsINDIRECT1
rollup • 2.79.1Next-generation ES module bundlerDIRECT1
stable • 0.1.8A stable array sort for JavaScriptINDIRECT0
style-inject • 0.3.0Inject style tag to document head.INDIRECT0
stylehacks • 5.1.1Detect/remove browser hacks from CSS files.INDIRECT10
supports-color • 5.5.0Detect whether a terminal supports colorINDIRECT1
supports-color • 7.2.0Detect whether a terminal supports colorINDIRECT1
supports-preserve-symlinks-flag • 1.0.0Determine if the current node version supports the `--preserve-symlinks` flag.INDIRECT0
svgo • 2.8.0Nodejs-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics filesINDIRECT17
to-fast-properties • 2.0.0Force V8 to use fast properties for an objectINDIRECT0
undici-types • 5.26.5A stand-alone types package for UndiciINDIRECT0
unicode-canonical-property-names-ecmascript • 2.0.0The set of canonical Unicode property names supported in ECMAScript RegExp property escapes.INDIRECT0
unicode-match-property-ecmascript • 2.0.0Match a Unicode property or property alias to its canonical property name per the algorithm used for RegExp Unicode property escapes in ECMAScript.INDIRECT2
unicode-match-property-value-ecmascript • 2.1.0Match a Unicode property or property alias to its canonical property name per the algorithm used for RegExp Unicode property escapes in ECMAScript.INDIRECT0
unicode-property-aliases-ecmascript • 2.1.0Unicode property alias mappings in JavaScript format for property names that are supported in ECMAScript RegExp property escapes.INDIRECT0
update-browserslist-db • 1.1.0CLI tool to update caniuse-lite to refresh target browsers from Browserslist configINDIRECT2
util-deprecate • 1.0.2The Node.js `util.deprecate()` function with browser supportINDIRECT0
@trysound/sax • 0.2.0An evented streaming XML parser in JavaScriptINDIRECT0
boolbase • 1.0.0two functions: One that returns true, one that returns falseINDIRECT0
concat-with-sourcemaps • 1.1.0Concatenate file contents with a custom separator and generate a source mapINDIRECT1
css-declaration-sorter • 6.4.1Sorts CSS declarations fast and automatically in a certain order.INDIRECT0
electron-to-chromium • 1.4.832Provides a list of electron-to-chromium version mappingsINDIRECT0
icss-replace-symbols • 1.1.0Replacing symbols during the linking phase of ICSSINDIRECT0
icss-utils • 5.1.0ICSS utils for postcss astINDIRECT0
lru-cache • 5.1.1A cache object that deletes the least-recently-used items.INDIRECT1
picocolors • 1.0.1The tiniest and the fastest library for terminal output formatting with ANSI colorsINDIRECT0
postcss-modules-extract-imports • 3.1.0A CSS Modules transform to extract local aliases for inline importsINDIRECT0
postcss-modules-scope • 3.2.0A CSS Modules transform to extract export statements from local-scope classesINDIRECT3
postcss-modules-values • 4.0.0PostCSS plugin for CSS Modules to pass arbitrary values between your module filesINDIRECT1
safe-identifier • 0.4.2Sanitize strings for use as JavaScript identifiers & property namesINDIRECT0
semver • 6.3.1The semantic version parser used by npm.INDIRECT0
yallist • 3.1.1Yet Another Linked ListINDIRECT0
yaml • 1.10.2JavaScript parser and stringifier for YAMLINDIRECT0
css-select • 4.3.0a CSS selector compiler/engineINDIRECT8
css-what • 6.1.0a CSS selector parserINDIRECT0
domelementtype • 2.3.0all the types of nodes in htmlparser2's domINDIRECT0
domhandler • 4.3.1Handler for htmlparser2 that turns pages into a domINDIRECT1
domutils • 2.8.0Utilities for working with htmlparser2's domINDIRECT4
entities • 2.2.0Encode & decode XML and HTML entities with easeINDIRECT0
esutils • 2.0.3utility box for ECMAScript language toolsINDIRECT0
nth-check • 2.1.1Parses and compiles CSS nth-checks to highly optimized functions.INDIRECT1
regjsparser • 0.9.1Parsing the JavaScript's RegExp in JavaScript.INDIRECT1
source-map-js • 1.2.0Generates and consumes source mapsINDIRECT0
source-map • 0.6.1Generates and consumes source mapsINDIRECT0
mdn-data • 2.0.14Open Web data by the Mozilla Developer NetworkINDIRECT0
string-hash • 1.1.3fast string hashing functionINDIRECT0
@ampproject/remapping • 2.3.0Remap sequential sourcemaps through transformations to point at the original source codeINDIRECT5
caniuse-lite • 1.0.30001642A smaller version of caniuse-db, with only the essentials!INDIRECT0
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