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@types/exceljs • 0.5.3TypeScript definitions for exceljsDIRECT2
@types/node • 20.14.11TypeScript definitions for nodeINDIRECT1
archiver-utils • 2.1.0utility functions for archiverINDIRECT26
archiver • 3.1.1a streaming interface for archive generationINDIRECT42
arguments-extended • 0.0.3Utilities for working with arguments objectINDIRECT4
array-extended • 0.0.11Additional array extensions with a chainable apiINDIRECT5
async • 2.6.4Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous codeINDIRECT1
balanced-match • 1.0.2Match balanced character pairs, like "{" and "}"INDIRECT0
base64-js • 1.5.1Base64 encoding/decoding in pure JSINDIRECT0
binary • 0.3.0Unpack multibyte binary values from buffersINDIRECT3
bl • 4.1.0Buffer List: collect buffers and access with a standard readable Buffer interface, streamable too!INDIRECT8
bluebird • 3.4.7Full featured Promises/A+ implementation with exceptionally good performanceINDIRECT0
brace-expansion • 1.1.11Brace expansion as known from sh/bashINDIRECT2
buffer-crc32 • 0.2.13A pure javascript CRC32 algorithm that plays nice with binary dataINDIRECT0
buffer-indexof-polyfill • 1.0.2This is a polyfill for Buffer#indexOf introduced in NodeJS 4.0.INDIRECT0
buffer • 5.7.1Node.js Buffer API, for the browserINDIRECT2
commander • 2.14.1the complete solution for node.js command-line programsINDIRECT0
commander • 2.15.1the complete solution for node.js command-line programsINDIRECT0
compress-commons • 2.1.1a library that defines a common interface for working with archive formats within nodeINDIRECT16
concat-map • 0.0.1concatenative mapdasheryINDIRECT0
core-util-is • 1.0.3The `*` functions introduced in Node v0.12.INDIRECT0
crc • 3.8.0Module for calculating Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) for Node.js and the Browser.INDIRECT3
crc32-stream • 3.0.1a streaming CRC32 checksumerINDIRECT9
date-extended • 0.0.6Additional date extensions with a chainable apiINDIRECT6
date-fns • 1.30.1Modern JavaScript date utility libraryINDIRECT0
declare.js • 0.0.8OO system from node and browserINDIRECT0
end-of-stream • 1.4.4Call a callback when a readable/writable/duplex stream has completed or failed.INDIRECT2
es6-promise • 3.3.1A lightweight library that provides tools for organizing asynchronous codeINDIRECT0
exceljs • 1.15.0Excel Workbook Manager - Read and Write xlsx and csv Files.DIRECT78
extended • 0.0.6Library for combining multiple libraries into oneINDIRECT2
extender • 0.0.10Easily create object decorators!INDIRECT1
fast-csv • 2.5.0CSV parser and writerINDIRECT10
fs-constants • 1.0.0Require constants across node and the browserINDIRECT0
immediate • 3.0.6A cross browser microtask libraryINDIRECT0
is-extended • 0.0.10Module for type detectionINDIRECT3
isarray • 1.0.0Array#isArray for older browsersINDIRECT0
lazystream • 1.0.1Open Node Streams on demand.INDIRECT8
lie • 3.3.0A basic but performant promise implementationINDIRECT1
lodash.defaults • 4.2.0The lodash method `_.defaults` exported as a module.INDIRECT0
lodash.difference • 4.5.0The lodash method `_.difference` exported as a module.INDIRECT0
lodash.flatten • 4.4.0The lodash method `_.flatten` exported as a module.INDIRECT0
lodash.isplainobject • 4.0.6The lodash method `_.isPlainObject` exported as a module.INDIRECT0
lodash.union • 4.6.0The lodash method `_.union` exported as a module.INDIRECT0
lodash • 4.17.21Lodash modular utilities.INDIRECT0
minimist • 1.2.8parse argument optionsINDIRECT0
mkdirp • 0.5.6Recursively mkdir, like `mkdir -p`INDIRECT1
moment • 2.30.1Parse, validate, manipulate, and display datesINDIRECT0
normalize-path • 3.0.0Normalize slashes in a file path to be posix/unix-like forward slashes. Also condenses repeat slashes to a single slash and removes and trailing slashes, unless disabled.INDIRECT0
object-extended • 0.0.7Additional object extensions with a chainable apiINDIRECT6
path-is-absolute • 1.0.1Node.js 0.12 path.isAbsolute() ponyfillINDIRECT0
process-nextick-args • 2.0.1process.nextTick but always with argsINDIRECT0
promish • 5.1.1ES6 Promise ShimINDIRECT1
readable-stream • 2.3.8Streams3, a user-land copy of the stream library from Node.jsINDIRECT7
readable-stream • 3.6.2Streams3, a user-land copy of the stream library from Node.jsINDIRECT4
safe-buffer • 5.1.2Safer Node.js Buffer APIINDIRECT0
safer-buffer • 2.1.2Modern Buffer API polyfill without footgunsINDIRECT0
setimmediate • 1.0.5A shim for the setImmediate efficient script yielding APIINDIRECT0
string_decoder • 1.1.1The string_decoder module from Node coreINDIRECT1
string-extended • 0.0.8Additional string extensions with a chainable apiINDIRECT7
tar-stream • 2.2.0tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator and nothing else. It is streams2 and operates purely using streams which means you can easily extract/parse tarballs without ever hitting the file system.INDIRECT13
tmp • 0.1.0Temporary file and directory creatorINDIRECT12
undici-types • 5.26.5A stand-alone types package for UndiciINDIRECT0
unzipper • 0.9.15Unzip cross-platform streaming API INDIRECT33
util-deprecate • 1.0.2The Node.js `util.deprecate()` function with browser supportINDIRECT0
zip-stream • 2.1.3a streaming zip archive generator.INDIRECT35
fs.realpath • 1.0.0Use node's fs.realpath, but fall back to the JS implementation if the native one failsINDIRECT0
fstream • 1.0.12Advanced file system stream thingsINDIRECT15
glob • 7.2.3a little globberINDIRECT10
graceful-fs • 4.2.11A drop-in replacement for fs, making various improvements.INDIRECT0
inflight • 1.0.6Add callbacks to requests in flight to avoid async duplicationINDIRECT2
inherits • 2.0.4Browser-friendly inheritance fully compatible with standard node.js inherits()INDIRECT0
listenercount • 1.0.1backwards compatible version of builtin events.listenercountINDIRECT0
minimatch • 3.1.2a glob matcher in javascriptINDIRECT3
once • 1.4.0Run a function exactly one timeINDIRECT1
rimraf • 2.7.1A deep deletion module for node (like `rm -rf`)INDIRECT11
sax • 1.4.1An evented streaming XML parser in JavaScriptINDIRECT0
wrappy • 1.0.2Callback wrapping utilityINDIRECT0
adler-32 • 1.2.0Pure-JS ADLER-32INDIRECT2
cfb • 1.0.8Compound File Binary File Format extractorINDIRECT2
codepage • 1.13.1pure-JS library to handle codepagesINDIRECT2
crc-32 • 1.2.2Pure-JS CRC-32INDIRECT0
exit-on-epipe • 1.0.1Cleanly exit process on EPIPEINDIRECT0
frac • 1.1.2Rational approximation with bounded denominatorINDIRECT0
printj • 1.1.2Pure-JS printfINDIRECT0
ssf • 0.10.3Format data using ECMA-376 spreadsheet Format CodesINDIRECT1
xlsx • 0.12.13SheetJS Spreadsheet data parser and writerDIRECT10
@workbook/core • 0.0.1DIRECT1
buffers • 0.1.1Treat a collection of Buffers as a single contiguous partially mutable Buffer.INDIRECT0
duplexer2 • 0.1.4Like duplexer but using streams3INDIRECT8
ieee754 • 1.2.1Read/write IEEE754 floating point numbers from/to a Buffer or array-like objectINDIRECT0
chainsaw • 0.1.0Build chainable fluent interfaces the easy way... with a freakin' chainsaw!INDIRECT1
traverse • 0.3.9Traverse and transform objects by visiting every node on a recursive walkINDIRECT0
GPL-3.0-or-later OR MIT1
jszip • 3.10.1Create, read and edit .zip files with JavaScript
big-integer • 1.6.52An arbitrary length integer library for JavascriptINDIRECT0
pako • 1.0.11zlib port to javascript - fast, modularized, with browser supportINDIRECT0
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