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@motionone/animation • 10.18.0A semi-polyfill WAAPI animation.INDIRECT5
@motionone/dom • 10.18.0A tiny, performant animation library for the DOMINDIRECT7
@motionone/easing • 10.18.0A collection of easing functions.INDIRECT4
@motionone/generators • 10.18.0A collection of animation generators.INDIRECT4
@motionone/svelte • 10.16.4A tiny, performant animation library for SvelteINDIRECT8
@motionone/types • 10.17.1Shared types for the Motion One packages.INDIRECT0
@motionone/utils • 10.18.0A collection of utility functions for animations.INDIRECT3
@motionone/vue • 10.16.4A tiny, performant animation library for VueINDIRECT8
@types/trusted-types • 2.0.7TypeScript definitions for trusted-typesINDIRECT0
ansi-regex • 5.0.1Regular expression for matching ANSI escape codesINDIRECT0
ansi-styles • 4.3.0ANSI escape codes for styling strings in the terminalINDIRECT2
camelcase • 5.3.1Convert a dash/dot/underscore/space separated string to camelCase or PascalCase: `foo-bar` → `fooBar`INDIRECT0
color-convert • 2.0.1Plain color conversion functionsINDIRECT1
color-name • 1.1.4A list of color names and its valuesINDIRECT0
decamelize • 1.2.0Convert a camelized string into a lowercased one with a custom separator: unicornRainbow → unicorn_rainbowINDIRECT0
dijkstrajs • 1.0.3A simple JavaScript implementation of Dijkstra's single-source shortest-paths algorithm.INDIRECT0
emoji-regex • 8.0.0A regular expression to match all Emoji-only symbols as per the Unicode Standard.INDIRECT0
encode-utf8 • 1.0.3Turn a string into an ArrayBuffer by using the UTF8 encoding.INDIRECT0
find-up • 4.1.0Find a file or directory by walking up parent directoriesINDIRECT5
hey-listen • 1.0.8Warning and invariant dev-ex messaging.INDIRECT0
is-fullwidth-code-point • 3.0.0Check if the character represented by a given Unicode code point is fullwidthINDIRECT0
locate-path • 5.0.0Get the first path that exists on disk of multiple pathsINDIRECT3
motion • 10.16.2A tiny, performant animation library for the webINDIRECT10
p-limit • 2.3.0Run multiple promise-returning & async functions with limited concurrencyINDIRECT1
p-locate • 4.1.0Get the first fulfilled promise that satisfies the provided testing functionINDIRECT2
p-try • 2.2.0`Start a promise chainINDIRECT0
path-exists • 4.0.0Check if a path existsINDIRECT0
pngjs • 5.0.0PNG encoder/decoder in pure JS, supporting any bit size & interlace, async & sync with full test suite.INDIRECT0
proxy-compare • 2.5.1Compare two objects using accessed properties with ProxyINDIRECT0
qrcode • 1.5.3QRCode / 2d Barcode api with both server side and client side support using canvasINDIRECT29
require-directory • 2.1.1Recursively iterates over specified directory, require()'ing each file, and returning a nested hash structure containing those modules.INDIRECT0
string-width • 4.2.3Get the visual width of a string - the number of columns required to display itINDIRECT4
strip-ansi • 6.0.1Strip ANSI escape codes from a stringINDIRECT1
use-sync-external-store • 1.2.0Backwards compatible shim for React's useSyncExternalStore. Works with any React that supports hooks.INDIRECT0
valtio • 1.11.0💊 Valtio makes proxy-state simple for React and VanillaINDIRECT2
wrap-ansi • 6.2.0Wordwrap a string with ANSI escape codesINDIRECT8
yargs • 15.4.1yargs the modern, pirate-themed, successor to optimist.INDIRECT25
cliui • 6.0.0easily create complex multi-column command-line-interfacesINDIRECT9
get-caller-file • 2.0.5[![Build Status](]( [![Build status](](https://ci.aINDIRECT0
require-main-filename • 2.0.0shim for require.main.filename() that works in as many environments as possibleINDIRECT0
set-blocking • 2.0.0set blocking stdio and stderr ensuring that terminal output does not truncateINDIRECT0
which-module • 2.0.1Find the module object for something that was require()dINDIRECT0
y18n • 4.0.3the bare-bones internationalization library used by yargsINDIRECT0
yargs-parser • 18.1.3the mighty option parser used by yargsINDIRECT2
@lit-labs/ssr-dom-shim • 1.2.0DOM shim for Lit Server Side Rendering (SSR)INDIRECT0
@lit/reactive-element • 1.6.3A simple low level base class for creating fast, lightweight web componentsINDIRECT1
lit-element • 3.3.3A simple base class for creating fast, lightweight web componentsINDIRECT4
lit-html • 2.8.0HTML templates literals in JavaScriptINDIRECT1
lit • 2.7.6A library for building fast, lightweight web componentsINDIRECT5
@megawallet/core • 2.7.1#### 🔎 [Examples](
@megawallet/web3modal-ui • 2.7.9#### 🔎 [Examples](
tslib • 2.6.3Runtime library for TypeScript helper functionsINDIRECT0
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