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@babel/parser • 7.24.8A JavaScript parserINDIRECT0
@vue/compiler-sfc • 2.7.16compiler-sfc for Vue 2INDIRECT7
array-find-index • 1.0.2ES2015 `Array#findIndex()` ponyfillINDIRECT0
async-validator • 1.8.5validate form asynchronousINDIRECT3
babel-helper-vue-jsx-merge-props • 2.0.3babel helper for vue jsx spread.INDIRECT0
babel-runtime • 6.26.0babel selfContained runtimeINDIRECT2
core-js • 2.6.12Standard libraryINDIRECT0
csstype • 3.1.3Strict TypeScript and Flow types for style based on MDN dataINDIRECT0
deepmerge • 1.5.2A library for deep (recursive) merging of Javascript objectsINDIRECT0
element-ui • 2.15.14A Component Library for Vue.js.DIRECT9
ismobilejs • 0.5.2A simple JS library that detects mobile devices.DIRECT0
mint-ui • 2.2.13Mobile UI elements for vue.jsDIRECT3
nanoid • 3.3.7A tiny (116 bytes), secure URL-friendly unique string ID generatorINDIRECT0
postcss • 8.4.39Tool for transforming styles with JS pluginsINDIRECT3
prettier • 2.8.8Prettier is an opinionated code formatterINDIRECT0
raf.js • 0.0.4Yet another requestAnimationFrame polyfill.INDIRECT0
regenerator-runtime • 0.11.1Runtime for Regenerator-compiled generator and async functions.INDIRECT0
resize-observer-polyfill • 1.5.1A polyfill for the Resize Observer APIINDIRECT0
throttle-debounce • 1.1.0Throttle/debounce your functions.INDIRECT0
vue-lazyload • 1.3.5Vue module for lazy-loading images in your vue.js applications.INDIRECT0
vue • 2.7.16Reactive, component-oriented view layer for modern web interfaces.DIRECT9
normalize-wheel • 1.0.1Mouse wheel normalization across multiple multiple browsers.INDIRECT0
source-map-js • 1.2.0Generates and consumes source mapsINDIRECT0
source-map • 0.6.1Generates and consumes source mapsINDIRECT0
picocolors • 1.0.1The tiniest and the fastest library for terminal output formatting with ANSI colorsINDIRECT0
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