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@ethersproject/abi • 5.7.0Utilities and Classes for parsing, formatting and managing Ethereum ABIs.INDIRECT27
@ethersproject/abstract-provider • 5.7.0An Abstract Class for describing an Ethereum Provider for ethers.INDIRECT24
@ethersproject/abstract-signer • 5.7.0An Abstract Class for desribing an Ethereum Signer for ethers.INDIRECT25
@ethersproject/address • 5.7.0Utilities for handling Ethereum Addresses for ethers.INDIRECT7
@ethersproject/base64 • 5.7.0Base64 coder.INDIRECT2
@ethersproject/basex • 5.7.0Base-X without Buffer.INDIRECT3
@ethersproject/bignumber • 5.7.0BigNumber library used in ethers.js.INDIRECT3
@ethersproject/bytes • 5.7.0Bytes utility functions for ethers.INDIRECT1
@ethersproject/constants • 5.7.0Common Ethereum constants used for ethers.INDIRECT4
@ethersproject/contracts • 5.7.0Contract abstraction meta-class for ethers.INDIRECT28
@ethersproject/hash • 5.7.0Hash utility functions for Ethereum.INDIRECT26
@ethersproject/hdnode • 5.7.0BIP32 Hierarchal Deterministic Node operations.INDIRECT31
@ethersproject/json-wallets • 5.7.0Wallet management utilities for KeyStore and Crowdsale JSON wallets.INDIRECT35
@ethersproject/keccak256 • 5.7.0The keccak256 hash function for ethers.INDIRECT3
@ethersproject/logger • 5.7.0Logger utility functions for ethers.INDIRECT0
@ethersproject/networks • 5.7.1Network definitions for ethers.INDIRECT1
@ethersproject/pbkdf2 • 5.7.0The PBKDF2 password-pbased key derivation function for ethers.INDIRECT6
@ethersproject/properties • 5.7.0Properties utility functions for ethers.INDIRECT1
@ethersproject/providers • 5.7.2Ethereum Providers for ethers.INDIRECT32
@ethersproject/random • 5.7.0Random utility functions for ethers.INDIRECT2
@ethersproject/rlp • 5.7.0Recursive-Length Prefix (RLP) coder.INDIRECT2
@ethersproject/sha2 • 5.7.0The SHA2 family hash functions and HMAC functions for ethers.INDIRECT5
@ethersproject/signing-key • 5.7.0Elliptic curve library functions for the secp256k1 curve.INDIRECT12
@ethersproject/solidity • 5.7.0Solidity coder for non-standard (tight) packing.INDIRECT12
@ethersproject/strings • 5.7.0String utility functions.INDIRECT5
@ethersproject/transactions • 5.7.0Utilities for decoding and encoding Ethereum transaction for ethers.INDIRECT19
@ethersproject/units • 5.7.0Unit conversion functions for Ethereum.INDIRECT5
@ethersproject/wallet • 5.7.0Classes for managing, encrypting and decrypting Ethereum private keys as a Signer for ethers.INDIRECT36
@ethersproject/web • 5.7.1Utility fucntions for managing web requests for ethers.INDIRECT8
@ethersproject/wordlists • 5.7.0Word lists for BIP39 wallets.INDIRECT27
aes-js • 3.0.0A pure JavaScript implementation of the AES block cipher and all common modes of operation.INDIRECT0
axios • 0.26.1Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.jsDIRECT1
bech32 • 1.1.4Bech32 encoding / decodingINDIRECT0
bn.js • 4.12.0Big number implementation in pure javascriptINDIRECT0
bn.js • 5.2.1Big number implementation in pure javascriptINDIRECT0
brorand • 1.1.0Random number generator for browsers and node.jsINDIRECT0
elliptic • 6.5.4EC cryptographyINDIRECT7
ethers • 5.7.2Umbrella package for most common Ethers libraries.DIRECT44
follow-redirects • 1.15.6HTTP and HTTPS modules that follow redirects.INDIRECT0
hash.js • 1.1.7Various hash functions that could be run by both browser and nodeINDIRECT2
hmac-drbg • 1.0.1Deterministic random bit generator (hmac)INDIRECT4
js-sha3 • 0.8.0A simple SHA-3 / Keccak / Shake hash function for JavaScript supports UTF-8 encoding.INDIRECT0
minimalistic-crypto-utils • 1.0.1Minimalistic tools for JS crypto modulesINDIRECT0
scrypt-js • 3.0.1The scrypt password-based key derivation function with sync and cancellable async.INDIRECT0
ws • 7.4.6Simple to use, blazing fast and thoroughly tested websocket client and server for Node.jsINDIRECT0
inherits • 2.0.4Browser-friendly inheritance fully compatible with standard node.js inherits()INDIRECT0
minimalistic-assert • 1.0.1minimalistic-assert ===INDIRECT0
mobulajs • 1.0.0Mobula JS client. 2 lines of code to get seamless meta-data about any crypto-token.DIRECT47
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