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JavaScript Bitmessage library

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bignum • 0.13.1Arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic using OpenSSLDIRECT4
bindings • 1.5.0Helper module for loading your native module's .node fileINDIRECT1
bn.js • 3.3.0Big number implementation in pure javascriptDIRECT0
bs58 • 2.0.1Base 58 encoding / decodingDIRECT0
buffer-equal • 0.0.2return whether two buffers are equalDIRECT0
es6-promise • 3.3.1A lightweight library that provides tools for organizing asynchronous codeDIRECT0
file-uri-to-path • 1.0.0Convert a file: URI to a file pathINDIRECT0
hash.js • 1.1.7Various hash functions that could be run by both browser and nodeDIRECT2
nan • 2.20.0Native Abstractions for Node.js: C++ header for Node 0.8 -> 22 compatibilityDIRECT0
object-assign • 2.1.1ES6 Object.assign() ponyfillDIRECT0
safe-buffer • 5.2.1Safer Node.js Buffer APIINDIRECT0
webworkify • 1.5.0launch a web worker that can require() in the browser with browserifyDIRECT0
inherits • 2.0.4Browser-friendly inheritance fully compatible with standard node.js inherits()INDIRECT0
minimalistic-assert • 1.0.1minimalistic-assert ===INDIRECT0
BSD-3-Clause AND MIT1
sha.js • 2.4.11Streamable SHA hashes in pure javascriptDIRECT2
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